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Redbone candidates expect close race

August 10, 2004

Lee County- Both Incumbent Redbone Commissioner Jackie McCorkle and challenger Wally Roberts kept waving in sprinkling rain today at lunch. They think the weather could determine who wins today's election.

McCorkle says "Standing by the road, waving at the folks, trying to get them to come in and vote." 

Roberts said "With this rain, I don't know if anybody would call it a joy, but it is for me." Both candidates stood in front of the Graves Springs Fire Station, where all District Five votes.

McCorkle said "Some gives you thumbs up, some give you thumps down. Some wave and some turn their head the other way. You wonder what they are thinking."

Roberts said "this is my first time on the campaign trail. I been out ever since 2:00 this morning, and I'm going to be here till at least 7:30 or 8:00 tonight."

McCorkle, an Albany Firefighter, has been the Redbone Commissioner for eight years. This campaign against retired Georgia State Patrol Post Commander Roberts has been heated. "It's been the longest campaign I've ever run, and it's been the hardest campaign I've ever run,"  said McCorkle.

Roberts said "I'm not going to comment on what my opponent done. He knows what he done. He can live with it, and I can live with what I done."

Turnout was light this morning at Precinct 10. where they expect most voters to come in after work. McCorkle said "Maybe they'll stop and vote. Let's hope so."

There is no Democratic opposition for the Lee County commission seat. There are more than 2,800 voters in the Redbone District.

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