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Two traditional Southern foods combine into one cool treat

August 10, 2004

Thomasville - They've combined the two in a tasty new treat that will only be sold right here in Georgia.

On a hot South Georgia summer day, it's hard to believe that ice cream at the Blue Bell distribution center in Thomasville, is kept at twenty degrees below zero.

Branch Manager Charlie Brown says, "Ice cream is known as a happy food." And now, there's a new flavor to put a smile on your face. Brown says, "It's a peach ice cream with a hint of brown sugar and cinnamon, then it's got the nice peach slices in it, with the peach swirl. Then we've got the flaky pie crust in it."

But there's nothing flaky about the taste. This ice cream is definitely made to melt in your mouth. Peach cobbler is a Georgia tradition, but Georgia peach cobbler ice cream won't stay around for long. It's only going to be in the stores for about 90 days so you should do like the folks at Blue Bell do, and eat all you can.

And you can only get the peach cobbler in the peach state. "We've come with those regional flavors, state flavors and Georgia, of course, is known for its peaches," says Brown. "This product is also made with Georgia peaches, they're fresh." Adding a fresh new twist to Georgia Peach Cobbler.

Another Southern tradition, pecan pie, will also be released by Blue Bell.

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