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Kids recruited to stop natural gas disasters

August 9, 2004

Albany - The Georgia Public Service Commission is recruiting kids to help save lives and homes. Each year, natural gas leaks cause deadly explosion at homes around the country. There are 27,000 natural gas customers here in Albany. The Public Service Commission and the fire department, with a little help from Sniffy the Skunk, are starting a program to teach kids what to do if they smell natural gas.

"Kids will see the neat things like "Sniffy the Skunk" or the magnets we hand out at school, and they're go home and tell their mom or dad 'If you smell gas, call the fire department,'" said Danny McGriff, GPSC.

Natural gas is colorless and odorless, but a chemical is added to the gas to make it smell like rotten eggs. If you smell the odor in your home, immediately leave and go somewhere to call the fire department or your utility provider.

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