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"Grape Stomp" helps grow South Georgia Winery

August 7, 2004

Arlington --  When making the perfect wine, a new South Georgia Business hopes to stomp it's way to the top. South Georgia's first winery is sizing up to a be a success.

It may not look like much now, but these kids are taking the first step towards what could be a great bottle of muscadine wine. Arlington's newest business the Still Pond Vineyard and Winery held its first ever "Grape Stomp" Saturday, drawing wine cynosures and just plain wine lovers to South Georgia's Premiere winery.

"I would not consider myself to be an expert but I have had my share," says Eddie Resse. 

Still Pond's owner, Charles Cowart, says he never envisioned the business would be a growing success. His father's death dropped the family grape farm into his lap. Ten months ago, he also emptied his personal savings to start up this winery. 

"It's still scary, it's still scary. It takes a tremendous investment monetarily wise and commitment wise to do something like this. We are very glad we did it. We still get up in the middle of night and think about things," say Cowart. 

But there isn't much time for thinking as business takes off. Cowart works to put his five flavors of South Georgia wines in homes across America. Everyday is a new challenge for this new business owner but he says he won't let his vineyard sour. 

"We have literally bet the farm that this is going to work," says Cowart. 

 The Still Pond vineyard and winery is more than 160 acres and produces more than 80,000 gallons of wine every year.

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