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Carter, Bishop help explain Medicare law

August 7, 2004

Plains- 73 year old Nan Gunn doesn't hesitate to take advantage of opportunities to get free health screenings.

"I just had good news just a few minutes ago where my sugar was 68 and I've already had breakfast, so that made me feel better," she says.

The Korean War veteran has Medicare even though the V.A. takes care of at most of her healthcare needs.

"I understand that there are a lot of World War II veterans that are sicker than what I am that need to be in the hospitals and in the VA in Dublin, and we can't get in yet."

That's why Gunn made it a point to attend the program explaining the new Medicare Drug Law sponsored by former first lady Roselyn Carter and Congressman Sanford Bishop.

"What we want to do is to bring information, so that all of our citizens can have an opportunity to take advantage of the law in all of the areas where its beneficial to them, and to avoid any areas where it may be adverse to their best interests," says Bishop.

67 year old U. D. Solomon already depends on a Medicare discount card for his prescriptions.

"I have bad knees. I have arthritis real bad, and I can't walk too far," he explains.

Solomon also listened to health professionals explain the new law, but says because it's so complicated seniors are just going to have to do more research.

"A lot of people will leave here today saying 'I got it.' They aren't even going to be close. So, you need to look at all this literature they have out. Figure out what it's saying, and then call somebody else and get another understanding," Solomon advises.

The new Medicare discount drug card program gives patients a choice of 73 cards that offer lower prices for drugs. Medicare is using the cards as a temporary measure until their prescription drug insurance begins in 2006.

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