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Businesswoman, State Rep candidate face off

Lawrence Roberts Lawrence Roberts
State Farm Agent Ellen Bryant State Farm Agent Ellen Bryant

August 6, 2004

Albany-- State Farm Agent Ellen Bryant says Lawrence Roberts tried to intimidate her because she has his opponent's campaign sign in front of her business.

When we asked Roberts about it, he denied it, so Bryant drove to his campaign headquarters and confronted him with our cameras rolling.

Bryant claims that Roberts, who she's only met once, walked into her office this morning because of the Freddie Powell Sims sign outside.

"Threatening me that his wife had his business here but he was going to cancel and he was going to go to everybody in East Albany he knew that had insurance, that he was going to close me down and put me out of business," said Bryant.

When WALB News 10 asked Roberts about it, he said he doesn't even know Ellen Bryant. "Never seen this lady before don't know who she is," Roberts said. "I can assure you if she is supporting Freddie Powell Sims and my wife has insurance with her I will get my wife to cancel her insurance with her," says Roberts.

Bryant has confirmed that Roberts wife does have a policy with her company she also has an eyewitness to collaborate her story of her run in with Roberts today. "He was here and he said he didn't like that sign out front and that was the reason he was going to cancel his insurance."

But still after being confronted, Roberts denied the incident ever happened and said he never laid eyes on Bryant. "If he is willing to go around to businesses in East Albany and threaten to run them out of business because they have a sign in their yard we don't need him," said the insurance executive.

Whether he's needed will be up to voters who will decide Tuesday whether to send him back to Atlanta. Ellen Bryant says Freddie Powell Sims' supporters asked to put the sign on her property and if Roberts supporters had asked, she would likely have allowed them to put one up, too.

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