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What Pre-K jitters?

August 6, 2004

Albany-- The first day of school can spark anxiety in some students. And you may think, even more so for little ones who are starting kindergarten.

But that wasn't the case when we followed a five-year-old to class.

It's almost 8:00AM, and John Hatcher is ready to take on the world. After all, he has spiffy new shoes to keep him going. A book bag that's almost as BIG as he is, but he's in the BIG league now, along with his brother Lane, a big time second grader. "He looks up to his big brother," says mom.

John has an invitation to kindergarten. "That's an adjustment, time to play , time to work, time to sit quietly. I'm just hoping he does all that."

Off the energetic boys go to Lake Park Elementary in Albany. On the ride, John seems more concerned about the camera than school starting. And when he finally touches school ground, it doesn't take long to scruff up the clean shoes.

Lane started kindergarten in the same classroom with the same teacher, Mrs. Funderburk. "I have eight books in second grade," he says.

[Margaret: "She really gets the kids pumped up," said Mrs. Hatcher. Mrs. Funderburk gets the younger Hatcher settled in, and it takes only minutes for him to feel at home and to leave home behind.

John hugs and shoos away his parents. "I feel like it will be smooth sailing, I really do," Margaret said.

A smooth transition from pre-K to kindergarten. In fact, every single one of his new classmates acted cool about being in school. The Lake Park kindergarten students had a scavenger hunt to learn their way around school.

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