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Library gets free CD's from lawsuit

August 6, 2004

Albany - Libraries are now getting a piece of a major record company lawsuit.

The Dougherty County Public Library just got in a shipment of nearly three-thousand free CD's.

Record companies and music retailers were forced to send libraries the CD's after a lawsuit proved music companies were over-charging customers.

The problem, distributors are sending discs that aren't too popular. Many artists, including foreign singers, are not well known. Dougherty County Public Library Director, Mike Dugan, says, "It's a real mish mash of titles, there are a few pearls, but I'd say the majority of them it appears some of the distributors were cleaning out the warehouses."

The Library Board will decide what to do with the CD's. They may be sold.

The Dougherty County Library plans to get out of the music business. Too many people don't return CD's or steal the discs out of the cases.

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