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First day of School brings on Mixed emotions

August 6, 2004 

Albany- The first bell of the school year rings, and with it a lot of Merry Acres middle schoolers with mixed feelings. 

Sixth grader Halley Teifert says "Im really excited." James Lewis, also in the sixth grade explains "I'm going to be nervous going in." Sixth grader Kaylie Donaldson said "I don't feel scared. I would say I feel excited and anxious to see what new things are in school." Eighth grader Ashley Moreland  says "I'm nervous." When  asked what she was nervous about, she replied "That I might fall down the stairs." 

For some, summer break went by too quickly, but others couldn't wait to get back.  Eighth grader Akeem Hams said "I was ready."

It may take a few days before these kids get comfortable. Donaldson explained "Some of the people here I don't know, and I want to know a lot of people." Getting ready to know new people and classroom material is what the first day of school is all about.

The reason school started on a Friday this year was to ensure the school year would also end on a Friday.

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