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Reading, writing, and religion

August 5, 2004

Thomasville - 13 year old Rachel Hunter has been home-schooled since Kindergarten. She says, "I really like it, I think everyone should at least try it."

Mom and teacher Jill Hunter agrees. "A lot of friends of mine went before me," says Jill. "I liked the results that we saw, so we felt like we should try it."

But, as the Hunter family saw, home schooling isn't always the best option for every child. "I have had my son in school before and he will probably go back to school again," says Hunter, "but for my daughter, we feel like she needs to be at home."

At home where she can learn about math, science and God. Hunter says, "Moral character, to have the values of maybe the same way you were raised, to have a more biblical based curriculum, those are all, seem to be popular choices and most popular with this group here."

The Thomas County Home-school coop is comprised of about 75 families that encourage and support one another.

Rachel says that's, "Really good, because you get to be around people a lot, like adults and not just kids, and you can have friends over anytime you want to."

Yet continue to learn the facts and figures, while being surrounded by Family and Faith.

If you're interested in home schooling your child, the Thomas County Co-op is holding an informational gathering at New Covenant Church in Thomasville Friday, August 20th at 7PM.

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