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Albany store heats things up

August 5. 2004

Albany -- One store in East Albany is taking the term "hot deals" literally but, that's not necessarily good news.

Welcome to one of the hottest stores in America a title that has nothing to do with the low prices.  "When they first come in  they ask 'why is it so hot?'.  "We tell them it's because the air condition is broken," says Tresser Johnson a worker at Roses Department store .

Since last Friday workers ,at Roses in East Albany, and customers, brave enough to bear the heat, have had to keep cool the old fashion way while cruising the aisles.

Their only relief are the fans placed all over the store.

"We have been giving out fans and stuff like that ,so when they come in they know the air condition is broken," says Johnson.

"I did not know what to think, I just knew it was rather hot in here. I almost turned around and went back it was cooler outside," says one shopper.

'Well how hot is it?' you ask.

It's so hot Hershey's bars have been changed to just a shadow of their former selves.

So hot, standing in the soda cooler displays is acceptable behavior.

So hot, even people who thought they were serious bargain hunters are having second thoughts.

"I'm not that serious because I would not be here if it wasn't for my Aunt, she is serious," says another shopper.

But even though the heat may not being doing much for shoppers it has brought out the best in workers here. Many have learned the real meaning of lending a hand or in this case a fan. Reaching out to help a fellow employee.

"We keep plenty of Gatorade, water anything we need, just kinda working together," says Johnson.

Working together to keep the doors open at a store where the deals are burning up the aisles.

Workers at the store expect the air conditioning will be back up and running be some time next week.

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