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Irwin County escapee caught

August 4, 2004

Irwin County- Georgia State Patrol officers flew above Irwin County in a helicopter all day Wednesday.

They're part of the Governor's Task Force and were working with South Central Drug Task Force looking for drugs from the air.

"We received some intelligence about a marijuana grow in this area," said Commander John David Anderson.

And they found it. Groups of marijuana stalks deep in wooded areas behind cotton fields in Southwest Irwin County.

"Found approximately 20 plants so far ranging anywhere from 6 to 10 feet tall," Anderson said.

But in the middle of search, they had to help recapture Shevis Reid. The 22-year-old Ocilla man was arrested earlier in the day for selling cocaine. Around 12:30 p.m., the inmates were in an outside area of the jail.

"When they went to take them back in, she had to go back down the hallway to open the door and that's when he went over the fence, went over the razor wire," said Sheriff Donnie Youghn.

He stripped out of his jail jump suit and headed for a family member's home, where they later found him. Reid was already on probation and parole and will be charged with escape.

The Irwin County Sheriff will be making a change to the fence.

"We're going to put some more razor wire up there, a good bit more and that will stop that problem," Youghn said.

So with the Reid on his way to the Tift County Jail, drug agents and state patrol went back on the hunt for more dealers.

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