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New teachers attracted to Lee County

August 4, 2004

Lee County-- While many school systems are begging for teachers, one South Georgia county is turning them away.

Lee County business and civic leaders welcomed more than 40 new teachers today.

It's a school system that's growing each year, and it's reputation around the state is growing too.

Lee County's newest teachers are welcomed to the school system, "The other day I walked down the hallway to my classroom and I saw the name Griffith on the nameplate, I got real nervous, laughs." Becky Griffith is new to teaching, but it is not her first time inside a Lee County school.

"People say oh, you want to come home, but it is a good school system and I was lucky enough to get a job there."

Superintendent Larry Walters says, "That's a wonderful position for a superintendent to be in. You have lots of applications, high quality applicants, so every time a position needs to be filled, it can be filled with very best teacher."

The competition to fill the jobs was tough. But, as the schools spiffy up for the new year, Walters says it's the community support that helps him recruit top teachers, "The Chamber of Commerce sponsored this new teacher reception because they wanted to tell the teachers how much they support them but also want to tell them how important good education is to the quality of life in Lee County. It's a top priority."

A top priority that this Lee County graduate--and now Lee County teacher--says is well known around the state. Griffith says, "You could go miles and miles away from here and someone will know about Lee County schools, it is just a good school. I was lucky enough to get a chance to student teach." Now this student is the teacher.

Administrators are expecting another record enrollment this year.

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