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Property owners in Cordele should get ready to pay higher taxes.

August 4, 2004

Cordele- Wyatt and Barbera Forrest have lived in thier Cordele home for nine years. They are about to experience something new, a whopping seventeen percent property tax increase. Barbera Forest says "It just puts such a burden on us."

The increase means $73.00 for a house that is worth $100,000. Wyatt Forrest claims "We're living on a fixed income and there are some things we're going to have to cut out." Forrest says other people in the area will have to cut out things too, people like their neighbors and tenants who are renting apartments from them. Barbera Wyatt explains "Most of the people that rent from us make six or seven dollars an hour at the most, and they can't afford an increase in rent , and we feel people deserve a good place to rent."

The city says they are not experiencing any debt but they must have a 1.8 mil increase in taxes to meet the high costs of health insurance for city employees.

City Manager Jean Burnette says "This is the first time we have had an increase since 1990."

The Forrests believe there are other ways the city can save money. Wyatt Forrest explains "A park with some benches and people don't go to that place uptown, not parks like that," while Barbera Forrest has other concerns. "Vehicles, what kind of vehicles and how much it's costing to operate those vehicles," said Wyatt.

They also think more property owners should be voicing there concerns. Wyatt Forrests says "We'll, they say say there's nothing they can do, but if they voice they're opinion there is something we can do about it. "

Burnette says there have been no recent salary increases for city employees.

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