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Are these the Dog Days?

August 4, 2004

Albany-- Air conditioners are working hard today. It was a scorching 97 degrees. When you factor in the humidity, it felt more like 105 degrees.

WALB News Ten's Kathryn Murchison is live at the YMCA pool where kids are trying to stay cool, and earlier, she found some guys today in a pool, but they certainly were not cool.

At 11:00AM and it was already 90 degrees, Hinman Pool crews were putting in a swimming pool at an Albany house. Sweat rolled down their brows and bellies.

But, 30-year pool builder Dave Moore says it beats being stuck behind a desk. "It ain't that bad. You take people who work in air-conditioned offices. If they come outside, the heat kills them."

Killing gnats is a bigger hassle than the heat on most days for Moore and his co-workers. Still, while building pools to keep people cool, they do daydream about that dirt hole being filled with water and diving in. "The only thing about it is, we don't get to check them out," said Moore. "The heat is just part of the job for a pool builder."

Even the house cat is staying cool, bathing in the shade and watching the crew's progress.

The good news is that it should cool off by the end of the week, but it will still be about 90 degrees.

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