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Valdosta considers Sunday alcohol sales

August 4, 2004

Valdosta - Charles Wiggins is in the business of fine dining. Right now, his restaurant is closed on Sundays, but he hopes that will soon change. "I'm not going to open on Sunday until I can sale wine with a meal because that's part of the experience here," said Wiggins.

And he may get his wish. The Valdosta city council is considering adding a referendum allowing Sunday alcohol sales to the November ballot. "There have been continuing requests since metropolitan status was reached for us to consider it," said City Manager Larry Hanson.

Wiggins says about 50 percent of his customers order a glass of wine or beer with their meals. He thinks Sunday alcohol sales will boost revenue not only for restaurants, but all businesses in Valdosta. "A lot of people drive down I-75 and don't stop because they can't get a glass of wine with their steak, they go on to Gainesville or Macon," said Wiggins.

And city leaders say Sunday alcohol sales could help recruit new businesses to the area. "It will probably accelerate their decision to come because they would think that they would be profitable quicker if they had another revenue source, that being Sunday alcohol sales," said Hanson.

Council members will discuss the issue at Thursday night's meeting, and vote on August 19th.

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