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Albany night club is temporarily shut down

August 3, 2004

Albany - A night club was shut down after undercover police found strippers inside the bar. Tuesday, city commissioners suspended the business license of The Karate Club Sports Bar on Sylvester Road.

Owner Frank Frazier must shut down until December 30st. Police caught strippers at the bar which doesn't have an adult entertainment license.

Also, commissioners reprimanded Club Insomnia after a bottle of alcohol was found in the club. The new owner doesn't have an alcohol license. "There was one occasion some months ago where one bottle of liquor was found. It certainly was not established that my client or his people even knew about its existence or consumption. We don't think anything more than a reprimand was in order and certainly not a suspension," said Attorney Stephen Kaplan.

Police periodically search night clubs to stop license violations and underage drinking.

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