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Troopers keep training up to date

August 3, 2004

Donalsonville - James Miller has worked for the Georgia State Patrol for more than 13 years, but he's never had to face anything like this.

"Best to catch those kind of mistakes here in the simulator like this or in training," says Sr. Trooper Miller, "because in the real world, those mistakes have some very serious consequences."

Consequences that could lead to serious injury, maybe even death. Master Trooper William Riner trains the Troopers. He says, "That's why I feel like I need to stay on the road with it. If it's going to save one Trooper's life, it's worth my time being away from home."

Troopers already know that there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop, but the training teaching teaches them that when those stops turn dangerous, they not only need to know how to defend themselves, but to protect themselves using whatever is available as a shield.

"It's good to know that we have training aids like this to prepare us, just in case we do have to face something like that one day," says Miller. A day he plans to be ready for.

Donalsonville is the fourth stop for the mobile training facility. Next week, Troopers in Thomasville will undergo simulator training.

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