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Gwinnett County woman arrested for "pumping" Albany man

August 3, 2004

Gwinnett County -- A Gwinnett County woman is in jail, charged with injecting silicone into an Albany transvestite's body to make him look more feminine.

Investigators say she led a so-called "pumping" operation across the Southern United States.

Dougherty County District Attorney Officers were on hand as 46-year old Verna Barnett was arrested at her home in Southern Gwinnett County. Investigators found a complete operating room inside.

Prosecutors say Barnett has pumped transvestites for five years. She is accused of charging thousands of dollars for illegal plastic surgery to make the men look more like women. Barnett is charged with unauthorized practice of medicine.

Prosecutors think Barnett taught a group of Albany transvestites how to perform the silicone injections. One of the men they injected at a pumping party in Albany died early this year.

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