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Advanced voting for run off underway

August 2, 2004

Albany -- If you would like to go ahead and vote in the August 10th run-off, advanced voting is underway.

 More than 20 people voted in the first two hours in downtown Albany. No reason needs to be given this week if you want to vote early.

Dougherty Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher said "It is a good thing for the people, the voters. It's very convenient. We might remind them they might have to wait. Because we are a polling place just like anywhere else, and it takes just a little bit of time."

 There are two statewide runoffs, for U.S. Senate and Court of appeals. Voters at 16 Dougherty County precincts will also vote in a local runoff, the race for State House Seat 151.

 You can vote early from now until Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

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