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Growing pains at Americus-Sumter

August 2, 2004

Americus-- The new consolidated Americus-Sumter High School has opened its doors.

As expected, there are some growing pains.

The Americus High School sign welcomes visitors, although that name is no more. Like the sign, work on Americus-Sumter High is not finished.

11th Grader Kictory Williams says, "It is just too many people and it seems like they don't have everything ready right now but I hope in the future they will."

That's the plan. But, between construction workers and a much larger student body, the school is crowded, "Lunch is like 25 minutes but it takes 20 minutes to get our lunch and by the time we sit down the bell is ringing," says 11th Grader Jamesha Cobb.

Long lines at the lunchroom is just one complaint, "The first day not knowing what to expect or anticipate we probably did have a lot of long lines but we have worked that out and it is going pretty good." It's another problem that's more serious.

Williams says, "Well a few teachers have given out books, some say they plan to give them out today but none of my teachers have given me a book." That's because not all of the lockers are ready. The Principal insists that is not hindering the learning process, "They have books. They have been issued their books. It is just some have chosen to store their books in the classrooms because there are so many of them and they are heavy and large."

While books aren't weighing down the students--the changes are. Cobb says, "It is okay overall but more people mean more problems." Problems that administrators tell us will ease as everyone adjusts to the new name above the front door.

The lockers are supposed to be installed and issued this week. Paving and other projects should be wrapped up by the end of the month. That will leave work on a new wing and the band room, which should be done in June.

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