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LAMP hands out school supplies

August 2, 2004

Valdosta - Thirteen-year-old Shanequia Gloster has everything she needs for her first day of eighth grade. "I've got school clothes, socks, binders, and a whole bunch of school supplies," said Gloster.

But if it wasn't for this giveaway, she wouldn't be so prepared. "It's obvious if you go to school on the first day and don't have everything you need, all the children look at you and it puts a child in an uncomfortable situation," said Angela Barker, Organizer.

Lowndes Associated Ministries to the People, also known as LAMP, is handing out school supplies to 400 kids. "We raised $1500.00 just by people contributing money and then we also had seven churches that actually raised supplies within their church," said Barker.

It's a huge help for parents like Lorine Sloan, whose out of a job and still has three kids to buy for. "I appreciated it a lot because if it wasn't for them, I don't know how I would've got it," said Sloan.

But while hundreds of kids are being served, many will be left empty handed. LAMP needs help to meet the community's needs. "Last year we had 182 people who weren't able to receive supplies and this year we'll probably have about the same," said Barker. "We definitely need the community's support, as much as they can bring out we can use"

And with a little more generosity, no one in need of these supplies will have to be turned away.

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