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Experiment may help pecan growers conserve water

August 2, 2004

Dougherty County - With all the water wars, farmers are trying new things to be more efficient when it comes watering crops.

Extension agents have put several E.A.S.Y. pans in pecan orchards in Dougherty County. As the pan fills up with water, the red ball moves up.

When water levels drop, the gage moves to the red line, meaning it's time to irrigate again. Extension Agent, Dr. Lenny Wells, says, "So far it's looks to be pretty good, pretty accurate as far as giving the crop what it needs to produce water and still and not use an excessive amount."

The pans are inexpensive and easy to make and have already proven to be successful in row crop fields.

Agents will take the pecan pans away at the end of August to determine if the pans help conserve water.

Georgia Pecan Growers Association gave the Extension Agency a grant to work on the project.

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