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Public still putting trust in police department

July 30, 2004

Albany- Even late Friday afternoon, the popular downtown fountain is full.

Riverfront Park is a place people feel safe most of the day, whether they're in the water or enjoying a seat on the side.

They trust APD to keep it that way.

"It's been a good police department. I think they've handled a lot of business well over the years," said Albany resident Sharronda Green.

There are more than 200 officers on the force that watches over the park. With that many, people say you're bound to have a few who mess up.

"You gonna get some that's good and some that's not good and that's the way it goes," said resident Claude Massey. "Any major city it's going to be the same thing."

That doesn't mean the public's not disappointed in the ones who don't follow the rules.

"I think that's a terrible thing," Green said. "To be a role model for people, to serve and protect and doing a crime yourself and your a police officer."

Officers sworn to uphold the law and counted on to live up to the expectations of those who depend on them.

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