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Immunization Party makes shots a little easier

July 30, 2004

Lakeland - Five-year-old Toby Bessent is ready for school. "I have to go to kindergarten," said Bessent.

But before he can start, he has to be up to date on all his vaccinations and testing. What would typically be a frightening trip to the doctor for Toby is all fun and games today. Each summer, the Lanier County Health Department hosts a back to school immunization party to help ease these kids' fears. "With all the fun activities, it helps them realize that its not just a place where they're gonna get a shot," said Lois Davis, Lanier Co. Pre-K Coordinator.

It's fun, and cheap. "The hearing, vision, and dentals are all free, and the shots we're giving half price today," said Pat Turner, Nurse Manager.

And just in case you're not sure of all the vaccinations your child needs, here's a reminder. "For all kids starting Pre-K, they have to have D-Tap, IPV, MMR, hip and hep, and the veracella which is the chickenpox shot," said Turner. "Those going into the 6th grade have to have vercella and MMR and Hepatitis B."

"Hearing, vision, and dental testing must be done for entrance into school," said Turner.

And while these preparations are dreadful for most kids, throwing a little fun in the process makes it a lot easier.

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