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Ethics Board looks into Worth County testing

July 29, 2004

It's happened again in Worth County another case of teachers mishandling answers to the state's standardized tests. The lasted case involves three Holly Elementary teachers accused of taking exams home.

When 18-year-old Vincent Myers heard the news that his former 3rd grade teacher was one of 4 Holly Elementary teachers involved in a testing scandal he couldn't believe it.

"She's the kind of person that if she even thought you were cheating or if you talked she's was just going to give you a zero," says Myers.

In the latest case, three of the four special education teachers involved in administrating the test took exams home. Worth County Superintendent Gary Russell says the teachers apparently just misunderstood new rules which prohibit that.

"It does not involve any helping students with the answers, providing the copy to another teacher. They did nothing in terms of looking at it and helping student scores and it did not involve helping themselves," says Russell.

That wasn't true in several other cases. Last month an elementary teacher was fired after admitting to copying test material. And last fall school system administrator Dr. Bruce Washington and Worth County High Assistant Principal Vera Giddens were fired after being charged with giving test answer to students.

Russell hopes to prevent future problems by giving teachers and administrators more information.

"Because of the difference in testing procedures we will hopefully looking at stuff now and as we find out the rules and instruction we will try to advise our staff and quickly as we can," says Russell.

Russell says teaching teachers how to properly administer the state test may be the only way to make sure their jobs aren't put in jeopardy for what may have been an honest mistake.

 The State Professional Standards Commission will review a report from Worth County before deciding whether to investigate the four teachers.

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