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Corporate Day of Caring

July 29, 2004

Albany-- Men and women around Albany traded in their suits and uniforms for jeans and workboots today.  They aren't changing careers, they're opening their hearts.

They are not professional playground builders, "Did we do it on the wrong side of this?", but they care.

"They had a bunch of different projects. Building a playground, cleaning up some of the food center, and we just decided building was probably a little bit better, most of us here our engineers, we work in a plant," says engineer Kirc Savage.

P&G workers are putting in a new playground at Megan's House, a non profit home for children with disabilities.

A few blocks away, Regions Bank employees are putting a pretty touch on another non-profit, "This is just what we do we are a community bank and we like to serve the community any way we can," says Teresa Walker.

Landscaping Faith Community Outreach Center is their project, but only a few hands from the office could join in, "Alot of them know how much fun we have but some can't do it because someone has to stay there and do the work. So, I get dirty!"

It's dirty work they love to do.  Even if they might be a little out of their element, "drilling... we do this all the time... laughs." But, lending a hand to help others is more than enough motivation.

United Way sponsored the Corporate Day of Caring event.

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