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Georgians save during sales tax holiday

July 29, 2004

Valdosta - Shelia Williams is back to school shopping for three boys. "I'll probably spend about $300.00," said Williams.

And with Georgia's Tax Free Holiday, she'll save around $21.00. It's a difference that keeps her coming back every year. "It does because I'm buying for three so anything that can help me save, that's great," said Williams.

But depending on what you're buying and how many you're buying for, the savings aren't always so big. With the back to school supply list for a Valdosta fourth grader in hand, we hit the isles at Target to find out just how much we'd save. Crayons, paper, backpack, glue sticks, and everything the typical student needs for the school year.

Our grand total was $41.41, a total tax savings of $2.90. Angela Fields saved about the same amount. "Since the lines aren't bad, its worth it, but I was concerned about tomorrow, I definitely wouldn't come in tomorrow," said Fields.

So we've covered clothes and school supplies, but what about the bigger purchases. All computers under 1500 dollars are tax free too. "With tax its going to be $1604.99, but today you're going to be saving $105.00," said John Daniel, Store Manager.

But no matter what the savings, the crowd speaks for itself. And it looks like even the smallest savings will keep these customers coming back for more.

The sales tax holiday runs through Sunday.

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