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Moody Airmen make life saving rescue

July 28, 2004

What was supposed to be a practice jump turned into a life saving rescue for some Moody pararescuemen.

The group was called about 400 miles northeast of Puerto Rico, high above the Atlantic Ocean. Their mission was to help a fisherman who was accidentally stabbed with a sharp object on his boat. "It penetrated his whole chest cavity and collapsed all the lobes of his right lung," said Tech. Sgt. Louis Distelzweig.

Once the boat was spotted, out went 1000 pounds of life saving gear, followed by four pj's. "Once we hit the water the package deployed, we inflated the boat, and proceeded to the fishing boat," said Staff Sergeant Todd Popovic.

It took less than 20 minutes to reach the patient. "He was hurting pretty bad but we stabilized him at that point and readied him for transport," said Popovic.

The patient was taken to a hospital and is doing fine. "It was an excellent opportunity to practice our skills, especially without bullets flying at you and put teamwork together to see how it all comes together," said Popovic. Teamwork that's saving lives not only in the war on terror, but also here on the home front.

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