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Sales tax holiday gets underway at midnight

July 28, 2004

Albany-- For the next four days you can shop for back to school items and not pay a penny in sales tax. For the third year, Georgians will get relief from state sales tax.

For some, it's like Christmas in July. But others, who hate fighting the crowds, aren't so jolly.

Brittany Layton and Kasey Conley shop as a pair. It helps them keep an eye on the how much the other is spending. "I'm trying to get what I need first and then go into clothes because I usually go over board with clothes," says Layton.

This year Kasey will be a senior in high school and she will have a lot of expenses. And both girls say the tax free holiday will help them stretch their dollars. "I'm going to be on a tight budget this year and stuff and I know I'm going to have to put out some money and save," says Conley.

"I really like the tax free because it gives you an opportunity to save a little bit of money and you can get the stuff you need," says Layton.

And retailers say they're ready to serve. Many are stocking up in anticipation of large crowds of shoppers, many of whom will buy the school supplies, foot wear, clothing and computers being offered tax free.

But those big crowds are the reason Debbie Zuern says she's glad she's completed her shopping. "The savings to me is not worth the crowd that I would have to fight to go out on the tax free day and I want to have a good selection," says Debbie Zuern.

But she may be in the minority, as the sale signs go up and serious shoppers get on their marks.

One thing that's different this year is that rather than have two separate tax free weekends, Georgians have one four-day long tax free period.

  • The tax free weekend begins at midnight and runs through Sunday night at midnight.

  • You can avoid sales tax on clothing that costs less than $100 and school supplies worth less than $20.00.

  • Computer equipment and non-recreational software will also be free of the sales tax, as long as they cost less than $1500.

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