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60 new jobs in Americus

July 27, 2004

Americus-- New jobs for Sumter County, "This project had the chance to go overseas, and luckily for us it didn't do so," says Americus Representative Jimmy Skipper.

The person behind keeping these jobs in Georgia is running for Congress on that very promise.

Democrat Cliff Oxford is in a run-off for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. Senate.

While Oxford was not at the grand opening for the new call center his company opened in Sumter County, his efforts to bring the jobs to Americus was not forgotten.

It's a familiar commercial, "Over the last ten years big corporations have sent millions of our good paying jobs to cheap labor overseas. It is not right and it is not patriotic," says Cliff Oxford. It's a campaign promise that Democratic candidate and entrepreneur lives by.

This is STI Knowledge's newest call center, "Sixty new white collar jobs has a huge impact on a community like Sumter County and when it reaches full potential it will be among our largest employers."

Founded by Oxford, the business provides technical help for Fortune 1000 companies. The Americus location could expand to as many as 300 jobs. But, getting the company to Americus wasn't easy.

Skipper says, "When it got right down to it, there were three communities competing for this project, one was Americus, one was Dublin, Georgia and one was Dublin, Ireland."

It was company founder Cliff Oxford who choose Americus over Ireland, even though going overseas would have been the cheaper choice. Americus-Sumter County Chamber President David Garriga says, "But they are providing the type of jobs that we need. These aren't production jobs or assembly jobs, these are white collar jobs. These people are paid well and receive very good benefits."

Sumter County workers are reaping the benefits. It's a campaign promise come to life.

Cliff Oxford is in a run-off with Congresswoman Denise Majette of Atlanta, who won nearly twice the number of votes Oxford did in the primary.

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