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Albany Arena football is almost a sure thing

July 26, 2004

Albany - Albany's new arena football team may start playing by Spring. Tuesday night, Albany commissioners are expected to sign an agreement bringing professional arena football to town. City commissioners are meeting with team owner Mike Storen to finalize the deal.

At Albany High School, the Indians football team is hitting hard and focusing on winning big. "I just love the pain and hitting people," said Senior linebacker Jabray Jones. Jabray Jones and his teammates have a "wait-and-see" attitude towards a professional arena football team coming to Albany. "If it's a good team coming, it would be worth going to see. But, if they're sorry, there isn't a need for it," said Jones.

Players also agree Albany needs more entertainment for young people. "I feel like Albany is trying to come up and do something big," said Junior Edward Smith. "I think that's good. Let's get support from the City and go down there and watch it to see what they're doing. Maybe then a lot of people will start coming."

"I think it could bring some excitement to the area," said Albany High School Head Coach Scott Horton. "I know our young men would go watch it, and I know I will. I hope the community will rally around this."

Head Coach Scott Horton says his players need some heroes and hopes future Indians may catch a passion for the game while watching the arena team throw up big points. "If you take a kid to see it, he might just become the next great football player. He might get off that couch and away from the video games and say, 'I want to do that'."

The players admit they don't know much about arena football, but a chance to have fun watching a game they love or maybe even one day playing arena ball has them excitement about a new "home team" coming to town.

If the lease agreement is approved Tuesday by city commissioners, the team could likely be ready to play next season. The owner, Mike Storen, says it will be a month or more before he announces which team is coming to town.

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