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Police investigate rash of burglaries

July 26, 2004

Tifton- The neighborhood around Madison Avenue is just one of the areas that has been hit by burglars.

"For this month we've had close to 30. It's really a rash of them," says Lt. Porter Jackson of the Tifton Police Department.

Utility sheds full of lawn equipment are targets of the thieves', but investigators say they are also breaking into homes.

"He's knocking out windows, raising windows, going in the house, getting X-boxes, and things like that, jewelry, anything that he can readily pick up and tote."

They believe there are at least two men traveling neighborhoods on bicycles.

"This person probably goes up to the door and knocks on the door to see if anyone's home. If they happen to be there, he'll ask them can I cut your grass and it's obvious he doesn't have a lawnmower with him."

Police are reminding everyone to lock utility sheds, and entrances into their homes. Be sure not to leave anything outside that can easily be carried off. If you are going out of town, have a neighbor pick up mail, leave a light on, and request to have an officer patrol your house.

"And write down serial numbers. That's a big help to us is people writing down serial numbers on DVD players, X-boxes and things like this."

None of the property has been found, but if any of it is recovered, a serial number may be the only way for you to prove it's yours.

Police have John Wesley Parks in custody and are questioning him, but he has not been charged with the burglaries.

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