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Church holds a "sale that isn't"

July 23, 2004

Thomasville--  There's a huge yard sale Saturday morning in South Georgia and every item is FREE.


Now here's a sale where no coupons are necessary. "We're having our annual clothes yard sale," Jessica Gandy of First Newark Baptist Church. "Everybody has pieces of clothing that they don't wear anymore, so members of First Newark Baptist church decided to clean out their closets."

"People who really do need the clothes can come up here and they get good clothing and they don't have to worry about the shame or embarrassment or any kind of ridicule," said First Newark's Brenda Suber.

Shirts, pants, shoes and dresses. For all shapes, sizes and ages-- especially for children preparing to go back to school. "It's a free yard sale and it's really just to help the community get ready for going back to school, but it is open to everyone, men, women and children," Suber said.

"It's free and we're not asking for anything. The only thing that we ask for is you only take what you need," said Gandy.

And maybe next time someone's in need, you'll be able to clean out your closet to help them.

First Newark of Thomasville is accepting clothing donations until 10:00 Friday night. They should be brought to the back door of the gym. The yard sale is from 8:00AM - 10:00AM Saturday morning. To find out more, call the church at 229-228-1418.

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