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Chambliss speaks on 9/11 report

July 23, 2004

Albany-- Nine-eleven made Americans feel vulnerable to terrorism. But, since then, a lot has been done in Congress to make sure enemies stay out of our country. Today, we caught up with a South Georgia man who has a lot of power in Congress.

J. C Harvey spends most of his time in the air. "I think a lot of the changes are of course absolutely necessary, and I feel pretty secure. The risk can't be zero, you'll always take a chance in everything you do," he says.

And just, by chance, the man who knows a whole lot about homeland security arrives at the same Albany airport as Harvey. "Sure, I think flying today is safer than ever," said Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Senator Chambliss is on the U. S. Intelligence Committee. "We need to get it right and if we get it right, we need to make sure we take the time to get it right."

Right now, America is re-vamping the intelligence community. The 9-11 commission has recommended a few ideas, such as, making one person in charge. "I think what we need is a CEO; somebody who has the ability to hire and fire."

The other recommendation-- merge House and Senate Intelligence committees. "The problem is you're taking turf away from Congress, and that's never easy," said the Senator.

And the past few years have not been easy for United States leaders. "I've said all along that we need to share some of the blame for September 11th. We're responsible for oversight of the intelligence community, there were massive failures, and we need to take a look at how we're structured and how we oversight," Chambliss said.

As travelers head home, they hope homeland security is heading in the right direction. "Some of the stuff is a little bit disconcerting, but at the end as long as we improve what we're doing and as long as we get bi-partisan support from the government, I think we'll end up in a better position than we are today," said J. C. Harvey.

Changes have been made in Albany; homeland security is definitely visible. Just another way, to keep terrorists from invading our space.

Senator Chambliss flew home today after Congress recessed. He doesn't believe Congress will have a special session, but maybe a lame duck session after elections.

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