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Sheriff's computer specialist charged with kiddie porn

July 23, 2004

Americus-- Investigators say they have found pornographic images of young boys one his computer at work.

Tommy Lowery worked at the Sumter County sheriff's department for years, but he's been has been arrested and fired as investigators build a child pornography case against him.

Lowery says he's done nothing wrong. "Unfortunately at the advice of my attorney we are going to have to prove in court that I'm 100 percent innocent of the charges placed again me," says Tommy Lowery.

GBI agents were tipped off last week about Lowery. They confiscated his office computer. "Once we retrieved the computer from the Sheriff's office there were numerous images of child porn on the computer and that's what he was charged with, possession of child porn," says GBI Special Agent in Charge, Danny Jackson.

Investigators won't say whether the images are from Internet sites or if they were pictures taken by Lowery. "The images that we have so far are male images, but I don't want to elaborate any further on the evidence at this time," says Jackson.

But Lowery's father says his son is a generous, religious man who uses his spare time to coach a youth baseball team. "No he don't drink, he don't smoke, he don't cuss, he goes to church. As matter a fact he is almost a preacher," says Thomas Lowery, Sr.

GBI Agents raided the home on Highway 30 West where Lowery lives with his parents. They confiscated their home computer and several disks. Lowery father's says investigators won't find anything. "He is innocent 'till proven guilty, and still then I wouldn't believe it," said his father.

Investigators have taken the computer and disk they confiscated from Lowery's home to the forensics lab to be tested, and they say it could be weeks before they gather evidence that could lead to the next step in this investigation.

Tommy Lowery is out of jail on bond.

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