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Youngsters help wipe out hunger

July 23, 2004

Valdosta - It's been a busy summer for 11-year-old Matthew McCrary, but instead of playing like most kids, he's been working. "I picked blueberries and sold them around the Stone Creek neighborhood," said McCrary.

And rather than pocketing the money he made, he gave part of it to a good cause. "Fifty cents out of every bag went to America's Second Harvest," said McCrary.

Twenty dollars of his earnings is helping feed hungry children in South Georgia. "He just walked in out of the blue and to have a kid his age spend his summer time to donated cash to us is just amazing," said Jennifer Glisson.

Twenty dollars may not seem like a lot of money, but at the food bank, it goes a long way. With Matthew's donation, they can buy an estimated 680 pounds of food. "We have the buying power that we can buy in such mass quantities," said Glisson.

And Matthew's generosity seems to be contagious. "We've been getting food and money to help the need people who are really hungry," said Chad Williams. When Chad Williams and Ryan Hulsey heard about Matthew's plan, they hopped on their golf cart and went to work. "Because I wanted to help other people have food," said Hulsey.

Now more than a thousand children will have a wholesome meal because of three little boys with big hearts. And they're hoping the chain reaction Matthew started won't stop here.

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