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Karaoke competitors help find miracles for children

July 22, 2004

Albany- Deborah Cox originally sang "Nobody's supposed to be here."

But Thursday night it belonged to Kim Taylor. She took the top prize in the Party Tyme Karaoke contest.

"I really just did it out of fun," said Taylor, whose friends call her Butterfly. "I'm overwhelmed right now. I'm kind of speechless, so I don't know what to say."

Carla Hawkins came in just a few points behind.

"Singing is just my gift, so I love doing it above all else."

Now they both have the chance to go to Las Vegas for a national competition. But even more importantly, all the contestants helped raise more than $3,700 for the Children's Miracle Network.

"The response has been overwhelming, not only from the people aspect of it, bringing people out to the mall having a good time, but it's such a great cause for the Children's Miracle Network," said Kris Morrill, FYE music store in the mall.

Thursday night's performers were the results of eight weeks of competition.

"I did not know Albany had this kind of talent just laying around," Morrill said. "I mean, people just started coming out of the wood work."

And there was plenty of constructive criticism from city celebrity judges.

Now Taylor and Hawkins are both planning to make the trip out West. "

It's a passion for me, so it just comes naturally," Taylor said. "I just go up there and do and I feel good when I'm on the stage."

"Anything that can give me some exposure and help me on my way, with God's guidance, hopefully I'm going to get there someday," Hawkins said.

And along the way, taking the time to help make miracles for children just may help Kim and Carla find miracles of their own.

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