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What's the latest with the Gillionville Road widening project?

July 22, 2004

Albany - A construction company has been fined thousands of dollars for not finishing a widening project in Albany.

Reeves Construction Company has been working on widening Gillionville Road since September of 2002.

The project was supposed to be finished December of last year, but the Department of Transportation gave them an extension with a completion date of June 8th of this year.

Since then, the D.O.T. has fined the company $450 everyday, we have calculated that to be about $20,000.

Those who live near the construction were hoping it would be done before school starts in August. Resident, Chris Shaw, says, "It just makes it difficult getting in and out of the subdivision, especially in the mornings trying to take the kids to school and then the afternoon coming home from work."

A Reeves Construction Company manager says work has been delayed due to bad weather.

Workers need to finish sidewalks and add another layer of asphalt to the road.

They will not open up the extra lane right now, because they want to have a safe zone for workers.

Reeves Construction Company hopes to finish August 15th.

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