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Riverquarium welcomes new swimmers

July 21, 2004

Albany-- This is a big day for Riverquarium staff, but it's an even bigger day for the fish.

"They don't look panicked or anything," said RiverQuarium Curator Richard Brown. "They're just swimming underneath the log like they should."

They're probably just glad to be going from quarantined tanks to a more natural environment. This is the first step of moving animals into the Blue Hole-- an exhibit meant to give people a new perspective on what's swimming through the Flint.

"I mean, everybody's had a gar get on the end of their line and kind of kept it at arms length and let it go," said Brown. But how often do you get to really look up close at a gar and count the scales if you want to, count the number of teeth."

You can't see Buster, the Alligator Snapping Turtle's teeth, but you can see all of his prehistoric-looking parts. Every exhibit here is meant to let you get a close look at South Georgia species. "The anglers might get some kind of idea of their habits and where to cast a line next time they go fishing too," said the curator.

Now the staff will wait and see how this first group settles in. Richard-- "So we'll just watch it and see what happens." And South Georgians will be waiting to see the Riverquarium ready to open.

The Blue Hole is truly a fantastic exhibit. Different areas to give you different views. Open... so birds my fly in and even make homes. Other exhibits will include fish from around the world, the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida reef, the Amazon, and the Colorado River Basin.

Construction at the Riverquarium and the Adventure Center next door began again on Monday, after Governor Sonny Perdue signed off on the project and agreed to give the final $1.4 million needed from the state to finish it.

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