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Summer storms bring dangerous lightning

July 21, 2004

Lowndes County - It often comes without warning and leaves serious damage. "My legs were burning, I literally saw the fire on my hands and I don't remember anything from there," said Tina Flowers.

Tina Flowers knows first hand the dangers lightning can bring. It's been almost a year since she was hit. "I was going in the house and when I reach for the handle to close the door, that's when it hit me," said Flowers.

Tina only received a few minor burns, but many people aren't so lucky. "Just last year there was a child killed by lightning in our area and several other people have been hit," said Lowndes EMA Director Nick Lacey.

But using a little extra caution will keep you from becoming a victim. First and foremost, if you hear thunder, find shelter immediately. "That's in a firm structure building with concrete floors or in a vehicle that's covered," said Lacey.

But just because you're inside doesn't necessarily mean you're safe. Being near windows and talking on the phone can also pose a threat. "Lightning can come through the telephone because its a conductor of electricity," said Lacey.

Tina has very few physical side effects from her injury. "Sometimes I have numbness in my hands," said Flowers.

But it has affected her lifestyle. "I panic real bad now," said Flowers. And taught her a valuable safety lesson.

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