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Albany man drowns trying to save grandson

July 21, 2004

Albany -- A 69 year old Albany man drowned while trying to save his grandson Wednesday.

Ru Guan jumped into the pool at his home on Masters Court near Doublegate to save his 16 year old grandson. Guan apparently couldn't swim.

An exterminator who was at a neighbor's house, Michael Slappy, heard cries for help and jumped in the water. Slappy said "I seen the young man at the bottom of the pool. I dove in after him and pulled him out. I don't really know C.P.R., but I tried to get him to start breathing by pushing on his chest. And I got him to start breathing. I tried the same thing with the older gentleman, but I couldn't get him to start breathing."

The Grandson, Valentin Ma Ma is okay. His grandfather was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The family owns Hong Kong Cafe in Albany.  They had just installed the pool last week.

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