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Two run offs in Dougherty County election

July 21, 2004

Albany -- Voter turnout was good in Dougherty County, with few problems reported. Incumbents did well in local races. Two races will be decided by runoffs.

Tuesday's election in Dougherty County drew 48-point-four percent of the more than 42 thousand registered voters.

Democratic primary voters will need to return to the polls August 10th to decide two runoffs. In House District 151, incumbent State Representative Lawrence Roberts will face former teacher Freddie Powell Sims in a run off.

Roberts received 46 percent of the vote, while Sims received 44 percent. Roberts said "I think that once the people realize that I am a veteran, with 12 years seniority. And my committee assignments, the most important in the house, I think they will take another look at it."

There is no Republican opposition in the House 151 race, so the runoff will decide the election. Sims said "We spent a lot of hours going door to door working with the district. Talking to people. And I'm just real encouraged that we are going to be victorious in this race. "

People who voted in the Democratic Primary will be eligible to vote in the runoff August 10th. If you voted Republican, you can not.

Dougherty County Sheriff Jamil Saba won re-election for a sixth term. But it was a tight race, as Saba edged Albany Police Lieutenant James Williams with 55 percent of the vote. Saba said "I ready to serve the people for four more years, and I want to do a great job for them."

District Attorney Ken Hodges won re-election, defeating defense attorney Ingrid Polite with 64 percent.

Superior Court Judge Stephen Goss won a second term on the bench, downing defense attorney Johnnie Graham with 67 percent of the vote. Goss said "Very humbled. A lot of people did a lot of work to help me."

Dougherty County Election Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher says the most commonly heard problem with the electronic voting machines was with the review page. The ballot was so long that voters had to scroll down to see their entire record of votes.

The other run-off August 10th will be for the Democrat U.S. Senate primary. Atlanta Congresswoman Denise Majette will face Savannah businessman Cliff Oxford.

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