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Voters keep at-large School Board member, elects new District 5 rep

July 21, 2004

Albany-- A new school board member will replace the current Dougherty County School Board Chairman. Dougherty County Democratic party chairman James Bush upset incumbent C. W. Grant by just 65 votes.

Bush says he wants to help the school board get a fresh start. "I plan to work with everybody. I want to be my own person, look at the issues and support our young people."

Grant says he understands if the voters want new representation, and he will not ask for a recount. "If the electorates in District 5 decide they would like to have someone else to represent them as they have done so, that's fine with me. That's democracy, that's what America is all about."

C. W. Grant served a term and a half on the school board. He replaced Robert Cross who died in office.

Dougherty County decided to keep the school board member who represents the entire county tonight. Richard Anson won by more than 1700 votes over Henry Brown.

Anson says that tells him a lot about what voters are thinking. "It tells me they're keyed in on the issues and reasonably satisfied with my job performance and once again, I want to thank the voters and my supporters."

This will be Richard Anson's third term on the board.

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