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Governor Busbee laid to rest

Gov. George Busbee Gov. George Busbee

July 20, 2004

Atlanta-- He led an inspiring life and touched the hearts of many, including legislators who worked with him at the capitol.

A husband, a father of four and a skilled legislator. "George Busbee lived a heck of a life," said Sen. Zell Miller. "He knew the machinery and mechanics of government better than anyone I ever knew and he knew how to make it work."

Governor George Busbee's life is remembered at a Buckhead Church. And just south of Atlanta you see huge American flags flying half staff near his hometown of Vienna. "He was the yard stick for all of the nation's governors on how to do business overseas," Miller said.

"I don't understand how that son of a mule trader from Vienna, Georgia, Dooly County understood that intuitively but he new how to recruit business overseas."

Legislators understood the late governor. "He had a dry sense of humor, he was very laid back kind of fellow. He didn't care who got credit," said Former Governor Roy Barnes. But many people credit him with making life better for Georgians.

Dignitaries such as President Jimmy Carter, Governor Sonny Perdue and former Senator Sam Nunn came today to honor the man who preached unity in the capitol. "And I regret in our modern day of politics that we don't have more George Busbee's to make sure we stay one people," said Roy Barnes.

Miller said, "This was a great, great governor."

The first Georgia Governor to serve two terms back to back buried on a primary election day. A day, 30 years ago, that was a milestone in Busbee's career. His death is his last milestone and a loss for the state of Georgia.

Busbee represented Albany in the General Assembly for 18 years. As governor, he created the state's revenue reserve. He also founded the first kindergarten program in Georgia.

Busbee was buried in Duluth where he lived.

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