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Sheriff's race not expected to end tonight

July 20, 2004

Americus-- A contentious South Georgia Sheriff's race, "I am glad today is here to get it over and done with, " says Sheriff Bob Ingle.

Candidates don't think the winner will be decided tonight.

Sumter County Sheriff Bob Ingle is seeking a second term, but three opponents are not making it easy.

Two former employees of his and a county commissioner want his job.

Sheriff Bob Ingle was out of uniform today, taking the day off to do some last minute campaigning. Ingle is optimistic that he could win without a run-off. Sheriff Bob Ingle, "Four years ago they felt they needed a change, had a reason for a change, now that reason is not there and people are satisfied."

"I believe it is going to end in a runoff this afternoon I would hate to say who those two people are at this point, but I hope I will be one of the ones in a runoff in August," says candidate Terrance Bryant.

Bryant, a county commissioner, says their are too many good candidates in the race not to have a run-off.

Former Sumter County deputy and candidate, James Driver, agrees, "I went into this thing looking for a challenge and a run-off will just be part of it so I'll be ready for a run-off, I have been expecting it."

"Well I am confident I will take the entire race, I don't believe there will be a run-off. I believe that people have been looking for something going on and that is I have the silent majority behind me," says candidate Joe Sosnovik.

Sosnovik, who also worked as a deputy under Ingle, says he is the people's candidate, and dismisses talk that he is the underdog.

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