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Police find strippers in Albany night club

July 20, 2004

Albany - An Albany night club is busted after undercover police find strippers dancing in the bar. Police say they even have undercover video of the strippers. Now, the Karate Club Sports Bar on Sylvester Road may be shutdown.

The Karate Club was one of a three night clubs Albany Police investigated during Operation Club Detail. "Club Details is an opportunity where the police department periodically check night clubs for violations such as minors on premises and selling after hours. We also check for any city or state violations," said Police Chief Bobby Johnson.

Police found a shocking violation. Women were stripping and giving private lap dances in private VIP rooms at the bar. Police got the whole thing on video, but aren't releasing the tape until city commissioners hold a license revocation hearing. "I think it would be inappropriate to make any comments at this time, until those hearings are heard," said Chief Johnson.

Strip clubs aren't illegal in Albany, but club owner Frank Frazier didn't have an adult entertainment license. Frazier was charged for the license violations. Tuesday, he appeared before city commissioners who will decide if the club will be shutdown.

"Mr. Frazier maintains he did nothing to jeopardize his business license," said Frazier's attorney Howard Stiller. Stiller asked city commissioners for more time to review the violations against Frazier and to view the undercover tape. "They have failed to specify the exact nature of the charges or given him a written copy of the charges," said Stiller.

City commissioners delayed a decision Tuesday and plan to hold the license revocation hearing August 3, 2004. The female dancer was charged for public indecency.

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