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Colleagues remember George Busbee

George Busbee portrait (Courtesy: Ga. Secretary of State) George Busbee portrait (Courtesy: Ga. Secretary of State)

July 19, 2004

Albany -- Before George Busbee was governor of Georgia, he was an attorney here in Albany.

 He was highly regarded, and had a lot of friends. And when he became Georgia top elected official, he didn't forget his friends in South Georgia.

Gayle Manley fondly remembers the man who appointed him Commissioner of The Department of Administrative Services in 1975. Manley said "He was a very popular fellow, and very sincere. One that people knew they were dealing with an individual with some integrity and substance to him. And I think we all enjoyed that."

Gil Barrett was on the Dougherty County Commission during Governor George Busbee's tenure from 1975 though 1983. Barrett said "Prior to that so many of the Governors that we had were sort of politicians, good ole red neck boys. Stuff like that. George lent real dignity to the office of Governor."

Manley said "He wanted to be known as the hardest working Governor Georgia had ever had, and certainly one with high integrity."

 Busbee was one of Georgia's first business oriented governor's. Barrett said "He possibly did more establishing foreign business and industry coming to Georgia than any Governor we've ever had."

Both Manley and Barrett say Georgia is much better off today because of the service of George Busbee.

Gayle Manley will attend Governor Busbee's funeral Tuesday.

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