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S. Georgia church vandalized

July 19, 2004

Thomasville - For the past three years, Immanuel Church of God in Thomasville has seen significant growth, but apparently someone is upset about that. Pastor Addie Walker says, "This is what we found Saturday morning just riding by, cause we were out riding, came by this is what I saw. I said, 'oh my God.'"

On Saturday, a pentagram was painted onto the main entrance of the church. Part of it has already been removed. A star with five points, drawn inside a circle, some consider it a Satanic symbol, but many Pagans say the symbol is sacred and represents the Five Elements: fire, water, earth, air, and Spirit.

Regardless of whether the sign was meant in a positive or negative way, Pastor Addie Walker doesn't believe it should have been painted on the church, but she is not shaken. She says, "I really feel good inside about it, because I know that I'm on the right track. When something like this happens, you know you're doing something good."

Pastor Walker says Satan may try and shake the church's foundation, but markings like these can be removed. Her faith in Christ cannot. She says, "I read the bible a lot. I'm aware these things will happen, so if you're planted on a solid foundation, these things won't move you." They will only make you stronger.

Anyone with information about this crime should contact the Thomasville Crime Tips Line at 227-3305.

If you are Pagan or Wiccan and would be willing to appear in a story regarding the positive meaning of the Pentagram, please email Reporter Karen Collier at the email address below.

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