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Plane crash kills four in Worth County

July 19, 2004

Worth County -- Four people died when the small plane caught fire mid-air and crashed to the ground. The crash happened around 4:30 in Worth County near the Dougherty County Line. Wreckage was scattered around a five-mile radius.

Parts of the plane that exploded in mid-air landed in Terri Willitt's yard. "They found parts here and there. They found another part of the plane over here in the front of yard. The lady next door heard a big boom and they said they found a part of the plane in my yard,"says Willitt.

Many people in the area on Woodcrest Drive also heard the sound of the plane in distress. Authorities say the plane, carrying four people, looked to have disintegrate charred pieces scattered everywhere.

The four people on board were killed instantly. Authorities haven't yet identified them. All they know is that two are females and one is a male. Authorities believe the passengers might have been a family on a trip.

"We found personal belonging, golf clubs, gym bags, luggage cases," says volunteer Ken Adam describing the debris that was found.

The Worth County Sheriff says before the plane went down, the pilot radioed an airport in Jacksonville, Florida and told controllers he was having trouble but that was the last heard from them before the plane crashed to the ground.

Now, a investigation is underway with many questioned about the crash unanswered.

There was some stormy weather in the area about the time the plane went down, but investigators haven't confirmed the weather caused the crash.

The National Transportation Safety Board is coming to Worth County Monday to investigate. The bodies are being taken to the Moultrie crime lab.

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